How to use the twitter widget.

1 - First of all, when you install the template, don't remove the widget. Leave it emplty like it is.

2 - Now go to Twitter Widgets Section, select "Other" and Click "Continue".

3 - Check "HTML Widget" and click "Continue"

4 - Choose how many updates you want to be shown, select "No title", and grab the code.

5 - Go to your blog, click the "Quick Edit Pencil" to edit the twitter widget, you will see that it is empty, paste the code you have from twitter inside of it, save, and you're done.

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andy.wergedal disse...

I got it to work.


Chef Giovanni disse...

Hi Dante
Thank you for the template very cool.
I have a couple of questions, Im new to all of this blogging and twitter. The problem I have is a dont know how to follow your directions on how touse the twitter section, also how do I edit the "Contact,about,home"
thank you


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